Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hiya, Cheeksqueaks!

I'm pulling my time and energy back from some less-than-encouraging spaces in order to devote more of my attention to this one.  While I spend most daylight hours chasing a moderately mobile toddler who crab-scoots with the speed and aptitude of Futurama's Zoidberg, I still manage to eke out breathable amounts of recreation during baby naptime, during which I must use my precious stillness both wisely and quietly.

Therefore, blogging is back in.

Facebooking is out.

Bow-making, book-reading, and crock pot-stewing are also in.

Out:  Department store-wandering, afternoon judge show-watching, toenail-bedazzling, and fantasy novel-perusing.

And above all, family-knitting-togetherishness is the innest of IN.

Time to redraw the circle I dance in, then abandon myself to the steps.

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